At CFO NETWORK 2020 you'll get a chance to meet like-minded peers, old friends, thought leaders and mentors effortlessly. 

CFO 2020 with cutting edge technology, dedicated networking lounges, new networking trends & Guide, puts you under one roof with people you really want to meet and eliminates the hassle by curating the physical space and creating memorable experiences bring thousands of attendees together to collaborate, explore new trends and connections for a lifetime. CFO 2020 welcomes CFOs, finance professionals, CEOs, Fintech professionals, startups, investors and mentors.

After the registration for CFO 2020, You'll get the complete access: Event App, Panel Session, Networking Lounges, Networking Guide, Exhibition Alley, Tech zone, Networking contests & Speaker Announcements

Event App Access Date: TBA 



1st Floor, LandMark Cyber Park Sector 67, Gurgaon  

Akash Ravish : 8178780415

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